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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A New Race Among Us; Wired Like Humans How Robots Can Help Us - Can walk your dog- Can drive your car- Can vacuum your house- Can cook dinner and serve it on a plate- Can be a social companion Who Would Use A Personal Robot? people who:-are war veterans with brain damage or lost body parts due to the war could benefit in having extra help with things like house work or having a social companion if they have no nearby family or loved ones-older people with Alzheimer or dementia who live alone or alone with their spouse could benefit from extra help in general with everyday things What Can't Robots Do? some robots are meant just to be working robots and can't understand humans. but other robots are meant to be strictly social robots that understand humans but don't know how to work. it's still being awaited the day when robots can both work and be social. Why yes we should have robots Why no we should't have robots Creepily "human-like""pepper won't help you cook dinner or clean your house"its going to be hard for engineers to think of all the things they want robots to do Older adults don't entirely trust robots with kids Can vacuum your house and drive your carcan pursue everyday needs of a human"pepper talks, gesticulates, and zips by on wheels. And has an 'emotion engine' designed to understand how people are feeling and react accordingly""customize Luna and create any number of new uses"
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