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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 things you probably didn't know about Robbie Amell Robbie Amell 1. Robbie used to play hockey all through high school. 2. He just got engaged on August 20, 2014. 3. He is engaged to Italia Ricci,who is 27. 6.His net worth is $3,000,000 7. Robbie is originally from Toronto, Canada. 4. Robbie plays the Flash in Firestorm: a Nuclear Man 5.Robbie's first role was Stephan in the tomorrow people. 11. Robbie lovesto eat peanut butter. 24.He lovesto watchBugsBunny. 17. Robbie's favorite movie is Mean Girls. 8. Robbie is 26 years old. 20. He helps out at a non-profit organization called Heartland. 12. Robbie iscousins withStephan Amell. 9. July 19 will be Robbie and Italia's 6 year anniversary. 10. Robbie plays Fred in Scooby Doo. 13. Robbie also played Erik in Pretty Little Liars. 14. His favoriterestaurant is In and out burger. 15. Robbie loves Tweetybird. 16. He alsoplays Adamon Revenge. 18. He went to Canadian StudiosActing Acadamy 19. His most recent role is Wes in the DUFF. 21. He started actingat 6 years old. 22. Robbie played Jimmy on True Jackson VP. 23. At 16, heplayed parts at LawrencePark theater. 25. His birthday ison April 21, 1988. 26.His parents names are Jennifer and Christopher.
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