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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tunisia Egypt Mohamed Bouazizi's self imolation over unemployment starts protests Tunisian president Ben Ali flees to suadi arabia An egyptian man sets himself on fire to protest economic conditions December 17, 2010 December 17, 2010 January14, 2011 January14, 2011 January17, 2011 January17, 2011 Hosni Mubarak stands down, and hands power to the military February11, 2011 February11, 2011 Protesters gather to demand trial for ousted president. April8, 2011 April8, 2011 Protesters and police clash over the release of police charged with killing protesters July 5, 2011 July 5, 2011 The Government seizes Tahir square, which protesters had occupied for 3 weeks August1, 2011 August1, 2011 People gather to protest the emergency laws put in place by the military government September16, 2011 September16, 2011 Elections postponed to october due to number of unregistered voters June14, 2011 June14, 2011 Military unveils plans that could keep them in power for 2 more years, inciting unrest October6, 2011 October6, 2011 Elections for the Constituent Assembly begin October23, 2011 October23, 2011 June30, 2012 June30, 2012 Mohamed Morsi is elected president The Road to Freedom The Road to Freedom How Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings led to free elections* *Although Egypt's MohamedMorsi only ruled for a year Moncef Mourzouki is elected interim president by the constituent assembly December13, 2011 December13, 2011 Beji Caid Essebi is elected president by the people of Tunisia December31, 2014 December31, 2014 January26, 2014 January26, 2014 The constituent assembly ratifies a new constituon Egyptians vote freely for the president for the first time in 80 years November27, 2011 November27, 2011
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