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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE TANG and SONG DYNASTY TRANSPORTATION Tang Rulers built roads andwaterways for transportationas well as trade. The Silk Roadwas one of the most famous roads of the time. PRINTING The Tangs created whatwere printers back in the AD 1000's. They carved lettersand words into a wooden board,then put ink on the board andthe words would appear on thepaper. In this time, Pi Shengcreated the movable printer. Coal, Iron, Steel Coal was discovered when lumberbegan to become scarce. In time,a coal mining industry had begunin China, and was frequently bought from everyone. Paper Money Paper money was createdand printed following the scarcityof copper for coins and theinvention of the movable printer. Compass The compass helped ships to sail outfarther from land. China sailed to India, Indonesia, and other lands to the west. printed books The Chinese made books with movable typeblocks and printed page after page to form a book.The first Chinese book to be created was theDiamond Sutra. All in all, I think that the Tang Dynasty contributed more to make the world what it is. Without transportation, people wouldn't be able to get any place on time! Thinkof the vehicles we have. Who do we really have to thank for that? Planes, trains, roads, cars, busses, all of these vehicles' creation wouldn't be possible without the Tang Dynasty.We wouldn't be able to create printers if not for ancient China. The electric printers we have nowadays are much better and easier to use, but the normal wooden blocks are theancestors of the printers we plug into and pair with our computers and devices. Without metal, we just wouldn't have anything that we have today. Metal is a basic building block ofconstruction today. Famous things in these categories are the Silk Road in transportation, the movable printer in printing, and sculptures in metal. BY RISHABH KEAGY
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