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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Neuse River Basin Facts: This wonderful River Basin is one of North Carolina natural beauties.The Neuse River Basin hasa population of 1,687,462(2010 census) and streaches from 6,062 sqaure miles.Its located within this towns andcities Durham,Raleigh,Cary,Garner,Smith field,Wilson,Snow Hill,Kingston,Trenton,New Bern,Bayboro,Havelock,Wake Forest and much more. River and Tributaries: The Neuse River Basin has only one river called the Neuse but its really big and longer.There are many lakes this included Falls,Catfish,Great,Long,Little and Ellis Simon. Unique Plants and Animals: This is the Neuse River which is the only river. This is were the Neuse River Basin is at. This Unique River Basin is home to freshwater mussels,two rare aquatic snail,NeuseRiver waterdog,Carolina Madtom,Roanoke bass and much more as well as plants.This River Basin is really good for fishing but its in danger. Interesting Facts: This North Carolina River Basin has a carved 100-foot canyon.It's has played a prominent role in the state's fishing history.Its also a statewide Adult EnvironmentalEducation Program.Its feeds one of the Nations largest Coastal estuaries.Its one of the four river basins that lie entirely within the state's boundaries.Its North Carolina's fourth largest basin. The Waterdog is one if manyunique animals that lives in this beautiful envrioment. This is a spinymussel its oneof many endanger mussel.
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