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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RISING COMPLEXITY hominids big bang expansion of the universe new chemicalelements earth and the solarsystem 5th extinction(dinosaurs) - hydrogen & Heliumclumped together and compressedto form stars- Our sun wasborn 4.6 billionyears ago- 200 - 400 billion stars just in our galaxy - hydrogen and helium make up 98% of the matter in our universe- supernovas created elementsheavier than iron- 86 elements wereformed innuclear reactions - earth is a result of dead stars &supernovas- around the sun matter was drawn together by gravity to create planets- 1% of matter was actually formed, rest was sucked into the sun - last of the non-aviandinosaurs went extinct- explanations are an asteroid or comet, orvolcanism- induced extinction of mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and pterosaurs universe was created 13.8 billion years ago during the Big Bang 1.3-1.2 billion years ago, first two elements:hydrogen and helium formed 100 million years after the Big Bang 4.6 billion years ago, earth was the result of deadstars and supernova 65 million years agoup to 70 percent of all plants and animals were wiped out - before the big bang,there was no timeand no space- For one trillionth of a second, light exceeded the speed of light- big bang was the moment that both space and time were created creation of stars first life onearth - first living organism formed of simple molecules from the oceans- life forms were bacteria; could survive in the toxic atmosphere - occurred in theArchean Period 3.8-3.5 billion years agolast common ancestor 200 million years agomammals arose in Triassic Period three types:homo habilis: 1.5 million years agohomo erectus: 150,000 years agohomo sapien: all humans livingon earth - between 4,500 and 5,000species of mammals- middle of the Eocene (45 MYA) all the major groups of mammals alive today had come into existence 3 million years ago first human-like hominids appeared mammals Sarah Herscher, Sophie Hooker, Abby Schneider, Reagan Shapton Cite: History of Hominids-Weebly,,,, National Geographic, PBS,,,,, Youtube
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