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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 While the world bank has helped many countries by donating money, they often will only help if they believe that the can make some kind of profit out of the situation (and not do anything if they are losing money). For example, almost 90% of the San Sebastian River (the largest water source in El Salvador)has become polluted beyond use due to a gold mine owned by OceanicGold (which is owned by the world bank). After much protesting, the government of El Salvador closed the gold mine down to allow the pollution to subside. But, the Oceanic Gold corporation came in with their team of lawyers, and is now suing the El Salvadorian government for $300 million to makeup for lost profits. While more and more countries have been having water crisis's, the worldbank has always been there (for better or worse). The World Bank ...helping to support hundredsof countries and people aroundthe world.... (estimated at about $54 billion last year) About 1/3 of the world banks total investments was towards water shortages and other related issues But of those 175, 40 are currently going through a water crisis of their own, and are at risk of getting worse(20.3% of the world). ... while still gaining much moremoney than they originally invest. 175 40 The world bank donatesmore and more every year... ... is the average revenue thatthe world bank gains after investing in a successful project. 600% 2 The world bank operates in approximately175 countries around the world (89.3% ofthe world). For more information on the world bank please visit: For more information on the El Salvador situation please visit: (2003-2010) The funding for waterrelated projects has tripled since 2003 Lives have been saved each year due tothe world bank investing in sanitation and other water related projects. India the world bank invested $13 billion to build water treatment and basic sanitation facilities. In end, they earned $84 billion(about $6 gained for every $1 spent). VS Profit Vs the People 1 3 250,000+ * source: For Example
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