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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bellerophon Wounded Chris Kyle vs Wounded Skilled Sacrificial Destined Physically, Chris Kyle survived three gun shots wounds. Mentally, He suffered through guilt of killing, though they are terrorists Bellerophon was striked down by Zeus because of his arrogance. He became a limphad a terrible life for therest of his life Skilled Destined Fought in Iraq 4 times for the Navy Served his country in front linesaved thousands of lives in war United States Most confirmed lethal sniper with 160 confirmed kills!!! Risk his lives multiple timesby going back to Iraq,even thought he doesn't have to.Willing to sacrifice himself for the people he is protecting in the dark. Chris Kyle is destined to protect his country, his skills as a sniper consistenly help him achieving his goals. Courageous Bellerophon accepted KingLobates' challenging queststo repent for his sin He is able toride Pegasus well, slaying Chimera while riding the horse Bellerophon went on multiple challenges in order to repent for his sin, willing to sacrifice himselfHe went againstthe ferocious Chimera Courageous With the helpingof gods,Bellerophonis blessed and destined tofinish the challenges Sacrificial 0 5 10 Courageous skilled sacrificial destined wounded V.S V.S V.S In conclusion, Chris Kyle was the greater hero afterconsidering the five factors. Chris Kyle was driven byhis own patriotic desire to join the war and done many heroicthings.However, Bellerophon was driven by the desire to repent for hissin. Nevertheless, Bellerophon was still a great hero, but ChrisKyle was even better. On a scale one to ten consideringaspects of beingcourageous, skilled, sacrificial, destined, and wounded.
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