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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rhetoric: What is Rhetoric? When will you use rhetoric? You use rhetoric every day. What are some misconceptions about rhetoric? Rhetoric is the effective use of language to persuade or convince an audience of an idea appealing to their ethos (credibility) pathos (emotions) and logos (logic). Ultimately rhetoric is used to achieve a purpose. It applies to multiple career disciplines as well as your everyday life. What it is and why it is important to you. Why is rhetoric important? Rhetoric is only "empty talk" or "deception."Rhetoric is for liars. Though it may be easy for people who do not truly know what it is to assume that rhetoric is deceptive and deceitful, rhetoric is actually just effectively and artfully using language to achieve a goal. And although it can be used negatively, the uses of rhetoric are largely positive and universal. *Famous rhetor St. Augustine even argued that priests used rhetoric in their teachings about God Rhetoric is important because it is such an integral part of communication. We use rhetoric in verbal communication with friends and peers as well as written with our professors and superiors, therefore, learning to properly utilize rhetoric is essential to properly communicatethrough writing. As a Professional Writing and Rhetoric major you will need to know how toeffectively use rhetoric to convey and idea or make a point to your professors and peers. Additionally you will need to know how to effectively use rhetoric as a writer in your career tocommunicate with your professional peers and superiors as well to ultimately be an effectivewriter. Whether you are convincing a friend to eat at one restaurant instead of another or writing a paper, you are using rhetoric. Rhetoric can be used in nearly any situation as long as it isused to convince or persuade someone.You will use and have used rhetoric in writing assignments for your classes, whether you wereaware you were aware you were using rhetoric or not, you use rhetoric to convince your professors of your knowledge.
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