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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Half a Life by: Darin Strauss High School College Dating Life Marriage Life Present Day During Darin's college life he, as many people would came in the dating stage. It was extremely difficultfor Darin to find any girl because Celine was still a huge part of him. If he would try to explain to themthe situation they would think he was crazy orthey just didn't want to be with a "murdered" as some would say. This was a very frustrating timefor Darin because it just seemed like he would never get anybody all because of Celine. Darin has now started his freshman year in college. Celine was still very vivid in his mind. He had taken a death and dying class and would focus his time on psychology booksexplaining human perception relating to that day. To Daringoing away to college was his way to get away from the situation and everybody, to start fresh.Unfortunately he dealt witha huge law case concerning the Zilkes.The lawyer did what ever hecould to make it Darin's fault. Many thoughts such as whether shecommitted suicide were brought up. A journal entry from her was found stating "Today I am going to die." Darin didn't know what to think. At the age of 18, Darin Strauss hit 16 year old Celine Zilke. After that moment everything in Darin's life changed. Within each major time period of his life he explains how Celine'sdeath impacted his life and how he coped with it. In his highschool years Darin was teased and made fun of. When he would walk the halls all he would get is silence and peoplewhispering. Very shortly after the death Strauss had to seea shrink to help keep him sane and calm about everything.Through out his senior year Darin remained depressed because he simply didn't know how to handle it or what to think. A memorial assembly was made for Celine with Darin speaking on her behalf but he simply said he couldn't do itand walked away not looking back. At Celine's funeral he wasconfronted with her mom and dad and Mrs. Zilke had told himhe was now living for two people. With out knowing what shemeant Darin graduated leaving behimd his apologies again to her parents thinking everything was okay. Shortly afterthey suied him for millions of dollars. Through out the rest of Darin's life he came to the conclusion that he never did anything wrong that night, Celinehad committed suicide. Thinking this was the only way Strauss could become completely over it. After readingCeline's journal entry, that was the most valid solution. The only question left to answer was why? But that up totoday has not been answered. Darin Strauss lives with his wife and two kids. During the early stages of his kids'slives, he had written different books about the feeling of his experience or mood but he never directed thesituation. It was only about three books later he realized his only way of true forgiveness to Celine and her familywas writing down exactly what happened. Celine is still thought of from time to time in Darin's mind but it is alotless that what it was in the past. Darin says that even though it was a tragedy, he is thankful for it because itchanged his life some for the worse, but mostly better. He still grieves from time to time now a days for the Zilkes and Celine, but if he could he would thank her for risking her life to give him his. Darin has now come in contact with the woman that heends up marrying, Susannah. Out of every girl that Darin has come in contact with, Susannah is the onlyone that understands him and didn't think he was evenan ounce crazy. She felt honored in a way that he was ableto share that with her. Later on Darin's 10 year high schoolreunion he saw the kids that teased him, that didn't talkto him, and that he walked out on during the assembly. Some greeted him with a normal hello and others asked sincerely how he was. He responded with one word answers, he did what ever he could to avoid the conversation.Later onin his married life there came a day when Susannah askedhim how "it" was and he said it hasn't even crossed my mind. Darin's everyday thought process of Celine and that day was over.
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