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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 An average college student checks facebook15 times per day.23% of fb users check their accountsmore than 5 times per day.Each session is 2:22 minutes on average. Checking the use of facebook for no reason??! underlying The Self-Affirmation theory The Uses and Gratifications theory Theories These theories apply to all social network sites. + ubiquity and ease of access people have a fundamental need to see themselves as valuable, worthy and good. This need for a positive self image is an important motivator of behavior. Everyday life is full of threats to the self image, ranging from trivial to consequential. facebook help maintain a sense of self-worth and avoid being plagued by anxiety and self-doubt. Facebook users have the ability to edit and select the content, which gives the users self-affirmation benefits because they encapsulate a flattering, socially connected, meaningful and accurate self-portrait. UG theory attempts to explain how people use the media to gratify their wants and needs, what motivates their behavior and what are the consequences of their uses of media VoyeurismPeople can peruse the profiles of others and read about their intersets and comments and see their photos Exhibitionismself-disclosure to clarify or express one's identity and validate the identity within the social matrix. This is also a means to develop relationships Or simply for the sake of diversion: fb app center. Sources: Bumgarner, B. (2007). You have been poked: exploring the uses and gratifications of facebook among emerging adults. First Monday, 12(11). doi:10.5210/fm.v12i11.2026socialmediaandstudents.blogspot.comToma,C. L. (2013).Feeling Better but doing worse: effects of facebook self-presentation on implicit self-esteem and cognitive task performance. Media psychology, 16(12), 199-220. doi:10.1080/15213269.2012762189 other good reasons to use fb:schedule and RSVP an event, hold a video chat,share files and get more personalized search results using the graph search recently added to fb
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