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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dangers of RFID Technology RFID - Radio- Frequency IDentification Past RFID Uses RFID Uses Today RFID Privacy Concerns Electronic Toll CollectionWeigh Station BypassRailcar TrackingAirport Curb Space ControlPersonnel Access ControlInventory Management Special Event ControlCar Starting for Keyless StartingAs of 2006 there were over 20million RFID enabled credit cardsand over 150,000 vendor readers -School have been forced to stop tracking students on campus-Consumers are worried about companies tracking their purchases-Cloning of RFID devices is a new concern with advances in technology- Data tampering could reduce the integrity of the data stored on the device- Weak encryption standards due to the lack of storage on the devices Skimming - A hacker uses a RFID reader to scan data from a RFID chip without the knowledge or consent of the ownerEavesdropping - When a hacker reads the frequencies emitted from the RFID chip as it is scanned by an official chip reader Farmers would track farm animalsfor growth to provide more accurate information on feed control and costs. RFID is a small electronic device that consists of a chip and antenna. Most chips can carry as much as 2,000 bytes of data. RFIDs must be scanned like a bar code to transmit the information on the chip. The scanning can occour within a 20 foot radius of the scanner. sources:
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