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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The French Revolution The Haitian Revolution vs In the Haitian revolution, most people involved were "people of color" ( The people were enslaved and controlled. The Proclamation of Haiti's Independence says, "Let us swear... to renounceforever to France, and to die rather than to live under its domination." The revolution was planned for a while. Toussaint L'ouverture led the Haitian people to revolt in the revolution they knew they wanted. The people fought wars in attempt to overthrow the government, they made their own military. In the French Revolution, most people shared the same class and had the same political affliction of being"charged with the mass of the taxes" (The French Revolution). The French people were "unhappy with absolute monarchy and feudal system." Also, inequality between classes, the philosphes that supported social and political reform was read widely in France, the government was bankrupt and there were many crop failures. this all had an influence in the revolution. ( France rebutted against the Haitian people by tricking Toussaint into leaving Haiti. France fought back but eventually after ten years, they gave up. The French stormed Bastille,a well known prison and fortress, they also assassinated officials. They did engage in acts of warfare but they also made treaties that gave them what they wanted peacefully. The French government fought back hard,and after gaining and losing power over time, they eventually gave in to the rebellion. Afterword, Haiti was passed around between different countries, being controlled yet again. After a while Haiti was under America's control and decided to elect their own President and kick the United States out of their country. Afterword, the government continued to be taken under control by dictators in result of the people voting them back into office after gaining the few things they wished for. The French planned their revolution and heldmeetings with the Estates General. People were able to follow events by reading an uncensored newspaper.There was no specific leader of the revolutionand they acted as a whole, eventually the people grew violent in their uprising. Sources Used: Primary Sources: -Excerpt from The French Revolution. (Doc. 4 on DBQ)-Proclamation of Haiti's Independence. (Doc. 6 on DBQ) Secondary
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