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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Slaves revolted and began the revolution after many years of attempts, but the whites were prepared for their revolt. However, the whites were the minority of the colony, and the black slaves were the vast majority. And this was the key factor that in the end helped them win, and even declare freedom as a nation. Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. The black slaves outnumbered the whites by 10:1 ... this is one of the main factors of why the blackswon. SLAVES These leaders played major parts in the revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte 1. Jean-Jaques Dessalines Bonaparte also sent troops over from France to assist in helping out the whites.He was the main opposer in thisrevolution. JEAN-JAQUES DESSALINES WAS THE REVOLUTIONARYLEADER WHOENDED THE RULE OFFRANCE OVER ST. DOMINGUE/HAITI,AND DECLARED HAITIA FREE NATION. Toussaint L'Ouverture was the revolutionary leader inthe beginning, but his successorwas Jean-Jaques Dessalines. WHITES The Haitian Revolution in St. Domingue, now Haiti, from 1791-1804 Leaders in the Revolution Toussaint LOuverture Napoleon Bonaparte wasthe French leader atthe time. He contributed by helping the whites. The slaves had been revolting for years, but the revolution officially started after amass attack where many whites werekilled, against their preperation over theyears. Thomas Jefferson played a part in the revolution: the U.S had just declared freedom, and the Haitianswere very inspired. However, ThomasJefferson wanted to help out the French,so as conflicted as he was in the end,he wasn't very significant. TIME FRAME A law was passed so that thethree groups with freedom and a say could vote. However, the slaves wouldeventually gang up against these groups, because they still wanted their freedom. Jean-Jaques Dessalines led the black slaves to a battle that ultimately wonthe blacks the revolution. 100,000 out ofthe 500,000 blacks were killed, and 24,000 out of 40,000 whites were killed.In the end, the slaves won the revolution,and in addition to the end of slavery, Haiti became a free nation, and was no longer under the rule of France.
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