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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Production Budget: $210 million Pre production: February 2012 Principal Photography: 28th May 2013 Production companies: Di Bonaventura Pictures Using large actors such as Mark Walberg and Nicola Peltz enabled their large fan base to already become attracted to the film. Visual effects was supervised by Scott Farrar who said 90 of the 165 minutes involved special effects. Michael Bay: Directed 25+ films, including all the previous Transformers, Pearl Harbour and Bad Boys Distribution and Exhibition Distributors: Paramount PicturesOther titles the distributors have released: Titanic, Forest Gump, Shrek The film has a relatively high marketability seeing as it is a sequel; this means that it already has its own fan base. Due to this, the film can be promoted well as it can aim all of its marketing ideas at more of a narrowed down audience DVD: November 17th 2014 (UK) September 30th 2014 (USA) Netflix: 30th September 2014 (USA) In late June, the fault in our stars was released as well as in Julyboth Tammy and Guardians of the Galaxy being released. Certificate: 12A Exchange Marketing 4,233 screens worldwide Release date UK: July 11th Release date USA: June 27th Following the release of Transformers 4,the public involved themselves by creating a fan based trailer for the film. Above the line marketing:- Official trailer- Toys as merchandise - Billboards Below the line marketing:- Partnership ad on Oreo's- Partnership ad on Kinder Surprise's- Partnership ad with Burger King Through the line marketing:- Official Facebook page - Official Twitter page
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