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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Comfort Pack Clubcar Conversion 2015 for Safety Implications Reduction of Carbon Footprint by using Duramachine ULV with a battery operated club car Jennifer Biancalana and myself surveyed each of the 26 properties in question to identify whether treatment can be made with clubcar or with BP Only Carbon Footprint ATV Related Accidents 700 Fatalities annually 100K Injuries annually Clubcar requires a minimum of 52' inch opening to safely gain access to the property. Implementation 6 club cars required to service ATV/ULV treatments during 2015 peak season. 100% Golfcart Related Accidents 50 Fatalities annually 15K Injuries annually HC CO 0 10 20 30 40 50 EPA Standard 4 Stroke ATV Battery Clubcar NOx Assessment Comfort Pack will provide ULV treatments by exclusively using the fleet of battery operated club cars in lieu of gas powered ATV. Club cars will reduce accidents by providing a more stable platform when driving on uneven terrain. This Clarke Comfort Pack Initiative will greatly reduce emissions by eliminating the use of gas powered ATV& ULV motors. A path to reduce our carbon footprint and increase safety The EPA analysis shows that ATV's emit more than 381,000 tons of hydrocarbons (HC), 1,860,000 tons of carbon monoxide (CO), and 11,000 tons of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) each year across the United States . These emissions help form smog and contain toxic compounds such as benzene. The Clean Air Act requires EPA to set emission standards that address these problems. The graph above indicates the EPA standard and amount of HC, CO, and NOx ATV's emit in the amount of grams per mile. Assessment made to 225 Clarke customers that purchased ATV/ULV service in 2014. Survey Assessment results show that there are 26 customers that require ATV/ULV treatments but cannot provide appropriate width to gain access with clubcar. Onsite survey results show that of the 26 accounts, 10 can accommodate clubcar, 8 can convert to backpack only, and 8 are to be determined. Service kits changed to reflect BP only treatment. Develop club car specific field training. National data Prius enhancements to include filter in Mapping to separate BP only from Club car kits in an effort to create more BP only routes.
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