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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to start business with ENSA DETALIZATION OF SALES CHANNELS Small MOQ: YOUR STEPS TO BUILD SALES CHANNELS STEP 1: Choose a famous chain store in your region (ANNEX1)STEP 2: Create an idea "How to sale in chain store"STEP 2A: Prepare POS materials (business cards, flyers etc.) STEP 3: Sign a supply contract with a chain storeSTEP 4: Prepare your stock for shippment to a chain storeTOOLS:TOOL 1: Design a booth (POS) which will show the heater (must be turned on, all the time, to show how it works. Should be placed at the level of customer face/ h=1,6-1,8m from the floor level) It must contain: Background with product specifications, benefits, heating areas, economy indication,prices.See more: 2: Merchandiser - hire a professional merchandising company or a single merchandiser, to give your customersfull information about products and to increase sales. TOOL 3: Promotion of a chain store - promote your goods with billboards, lightboxes, banners and radio ads.,to direct customers to chain stores. EFFECT: passive sales SALES: 100-180 pcs/day (About 4-5 stores) PERIOD: SEP-FEB (Depending on region) CHAIN STORES RECOMMENDED STOCK: 3500 - 5500 pcs. TURNOVER: USD 420 000 - 660 000 TOTAL TOOLS COSTS: USD7 000-12 500 **average selling price USD 120 CONDITION1: Discount - 35-55% from retail price.CONDITION2: Retro bonus - 3-6% from month/annual turnover (optional)CONDITION3: Adv. or marketing bonus - up to 6% from month/annual turnover (optional)CONDITION4: Minimal stock - 50 -100 pcs. of each model or 2-3 day shipping on demand. CHAIN STORES CONDITIONS
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