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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Governance: "Fix the Basics" Recruitment Organizational Change 1. New request template to ensure correct info + tracking recruitment time. 1. QC Lab Transfer2. UBIT Integration3. In&Out Management4. M.Access & Med. reinforcement5. CSO reinforcement for LoE project6. Streamline Leadership Team (-2)7. Reinforce Mktg CNS8. Reception Outsourced 1. Improving internal communication (leavers & job opportunities)2. Create a multisectorial benchmark HR group.3. Media exposure (PM Farma, El Economista, etc.) 1. Payroll changes reducing # mistakes2. Improving broker services.3. New criteria framework for Bonus & Salary Increase.4. New criteria for C&B package for Internships5. New clauses in Incentives & contracts6. Administration Council labour legal compliance.7. Time Economics: Increase efficiency managing our time. Trainning 1. New system to consistently track attendance & improvement under the same criteria.2. Performance Management (PPR) trainning for Managers.3. Random checks about Objectives + IDP's4. Execution of planned trainning activities Communication &Branding Others Compensation & Benefits 9 months of HResources at OPSA 1. Providers mining & big reduction in 20152. Business Awareness: Regular field visits3. Mentoring activities4. Keeping social activities (Lotery, Christmas Cards, Christmas Dinner, etc.) 1. CCM: European Job Evaluation (Global Grading) + 1.1. Salary Benchmark (EU + Spain) + 1.2 Setting up all position paybands + 1.3 OPSA Salary Analysis2. C&B package communication improvements (better information + encrypted e-mail delivery)
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