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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lloyd Anthony Hidalgo You need a VA? Hi! My name is...Lloyd Anthony Hidalgo Here are the 36 things I can do for you! 1. Filtering Emails / Managing Spam2. .Answering Customer Service Emails, Tickets, Chat Support3. Sending of Greetings eCards, Event Invitations, etc.4. Calendar Management Email & Schedule Management Tasks File Storage & Organization Tasks 5. Dropbox / Google Drive Organization6. Data Entry in Word, or Google Docs7.Preparing Powerpoint / Keynote Presentations Administrative & Blogging Tasks 8. Transcription of Video and Audio Files9. Online Research10. Moderating Blog Comments11. Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts12. Receptionist Duties13. Sending Client Invoices14. Personal Errands (Purchasing Gifts Online, etc.)15. Project Management Between You and Team members16. Preparation of Training Materials17. Social Media Management Tasks18. Creating Facebook Fan Pages / Groups 19. Promoting Facebook Pages20. Creating a Twitter Account21. Managing and Increasing Your Twitter Following22. Schedule Tweets and Track Mentions and Hashtags23. Create and Manage LinkedIn Account / Profile24. Create Pinnable Images on Pinterest25. Scheduling and Tracking Pins26. Create and Manage YouTube Account27. Upload Videos on YouTube28. Moderating YouTube Comments29. Uploading Videos to other Video Sharing Sites / Social Media30. Answer inquiries and Messages on All Channel & Profiles31. Create Slideshare Presentations Email Marketing 32.Editing Follow-up Emails and Auto-responders33. Creating Email Newsletters Audio / Video Editor 34. Basic Editing of Audio Files35. Adding Intros and Outros to Videos36. Podcast Setup on iTunes Interested? Email me Data Scraping & Extraction 37.Data Extraction 38. Data / Web Mining39. Get API
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