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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dependable Energetic Punctual Education ... ... Windows Skills / Personal Mac OS About me / Interests Quick to adapt Multitasker * Four-handed Dentistry Time management ... Objective: I desire to excel at assisting and become an effective leader in the office. I wish toimprove my existing assisting skills that I have learned by observation and hands-on training in school. Several of my abilities such as working well with others, quickly adapting to all situations, and my eagerness to learn will make me a valuable asset to your office. Certificate earned: Dec. 2014 Fashion Yoga Movies Art Organization abilities / Computer skills:* Completed Office Technology Course in College pertaining to PowerPoint, spreadsheets, Excel, Microsoft Word* Ability to type 65 WPM Hard working Baking ... Strong people skills Cooking ... ... Major:Communications ...Graduated: 2000 MGCCC Employment history:* Self-employed (2006 - current)Professional talent that acquires bookings for TV, print, and liveevents. Work face-to-face with customers and high profilecompanies, brands, and clients* Customer service: answer phone calls, assist customers, handle monetary transactions* Data entry: gather client information for rental equipment, set up contact information and payment plans * X-Rays (conv. & digital) * Computer/paper charting * Alginates/Impressions * Temporary crowns * Setting up & turning over rooms * Lab skills * Sterilization * Externing Data entry * Rubber dam
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