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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Footprint of my Life Ecological Most of my resources come from shelter and services. Something that could change thiswould be for houses to use more renewable energy sources.By doing so, the world would only need 3.8 Earths to support us Carbon Water The average person uses 1.5 Earths. Multiply that by 7 million and you won't like the number you see before you. Services - 43% Shelter - 26% Food - 18% Goods - 9% If the entire world lived like I did, it would take 4.6 Earths to support us. Mobility - 4% At home and outside, I use roughly 84 gallons of water. The average American uses 100 gallons For my diet, I use about 784 gallons of water. On average, Americans use 1,056 For energy, I (somehow) use 1,140 gallons of waterWhile the average American will use 700 For daily objects, I use 114 gallons of water. On average, Americans use 232 There are several ways to conserve water. One way would be to take shorter showers. Also travel less and use more energy efficient cars For my carbon footprint most of the CO2 I release comes from the energy of my house. I produce roughly 11 tons of CO2 which is below average in the US. One way I can reduce the amount of carbon I release would be to find more ways to save energy that my house uses. The world uses a lot of fossil fuels that releases a lot of CO2 when we burn it. This CO2 that we are releasing has never happened before in the history of the Earth. However, if we just took some time to then we could come up with a solution to fix this current problem.
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