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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The process intended to createanother duplicate organism from which data was extracted from. This process of cloning is similar to Therapeutic Cloning although the product is different. In Reproductive Cloning an organism is formed, but in Therapeutic Cloning the embryois only formed to have its stem cells be extracted for medicinal reasons. Reproductive Cloning PROCESS There are TWO ways ReproductiveCloning is done; through somatic cell nuclear transfer or the deliberate splitting of an embryo. Embryo splitting(cloning of a developing animal) 1. A somatic cells nucleus is obtained (a somatic cell is any non-sex cell). This somatic cell can be taken from the same egg donor to enhance the success (less chance of rejection). 2. An eggs nucleus is removed becoming enucleated, and replaced with the cells nucleus 3. A stimulating electric shock triggers the new nuclear DNA from the somatic cell to combine with the eggss organelles and cytoplasm. If the egg cell accepts the new material, the cell will begin to divide to create an embryo. 1. Regular In-Vitro Fertilization 2. The fertilized oocyte splits into four identical cells becoming a multicellular embryo 3. The early stage embryo is placed into the uterus to grow. Reproductive is less successful than therapeutic cloning and, if done, might cause deformities in the organisms created. "Infusing DNA" animal reproductive cloning can save endangered species from dying out WHO?WHEN? TECHNOLOGY 1 9 9 6 Reproductive cloning was first done in 1951 where the process of SCNT was somewhat achieved. The big breakthrough was not until 1996 where SCNT was successfully done to a sheep embryo using an adult cell by Ian Wilmut. Scientists are now looking at pig organs to study because they're the closest to human organs. Somatic cell nuclear transfer (cloning of an adult animal) 1951 always had 1996's back 5 1 1 9 Ian Wilmut Hist ry Although therapeutic cloning is still legal in some countries including Canada, reproductive cloning is illegal in 45 countries SAMA A creating the best duplicate of something that once lived eugenic use is an unethical factor
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