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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How does your media product represent particular social groups? In my magazine i have chosen to use a teenage girl as my model. This is because my target audience is 16-19 year old girls who are into chart music therefore i chose a girl similar to the age of my desired audience. She is being represented at happy and innocent as she is in natural environment (forest) with leaves falling around her while she plays the guitar In my magazine my model is playing the guitar in a autumnal background, i believe this quite a typical activity because she is a young female artist who is new to the music world and this is the type of girl the magazines will represent as innocent and. The positioning and activity is conforming to the genre of magazine (chart music) because she has an acoustic guitar and isnt dressed in anything that would suggest an extreme style of music such as heavy metal. Therefore i think that my magazine is conforming to the genre conventions. In my magazine i chose to use a model for my front cover anddouble page spread because it fit the conventions of a musicmagazine. The serve the purpose of grabbing the readers attention while also informing them on what genre of magazine this will be and what the main story will be about. The preferredreading to this magazine is that the model is a new youngupcoming artist who is very innocent and real My model is positioned in a autumnal background with trees behind her, leaves falling around her and brown and red leaves at her feet. In both my cover page and double page spread sheis framed in the center of the page, this is to catch the audiencesattention. The photo on my double page spread is more naturalthen the one for my cover page because the cover page is direct mode of address and lot more posed and the double page spread is a lot more natural.
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