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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Where does it come from? Gingers and all the things you didn't know Many people don't exactly know where red hair comes from.Red hair is caused by variants of the melanocortin-1receptor gene. This gene is recessive, meaning both parents have to have the gene in order for the child to have red hair. Pain Tolerance and hair color? Four countrieswith the largest populations of red heads: 1. Scotland 13%2. Ireland 10%3. United States 6%4. Northern Europe 4% The traits that come with it. Extra Facts I don't think anybody would have ever thought that dependingon your hair color, you feel pain differently.It has been tested that naturalredheads are more sensitive tocold, thermal pain, and ultraviolet light.However redheads are less sensitive toelectric induced pain, and are more resistant to anesthetics. Redheads have also been found to haveincreased amounts of dental anxiety. This may be caused by gene variations.The relationship between hair colorand pain tolerance exists due to a mutation in a hormone receptor. I'm sure when you think of a redhead you think of pale skin,freckles, bad sunburns and wellthat sums it up. Some of the reasons why allof these things come with red hair is becausethe alleles that code for red hair often occurclose to the alleles that control skin pigmentsso these two things are often linked together.It is also because of the low amounts of melanin. Redheads are known for being hot temperedRedheads make up 19% ofoverall world populationPheomelanin is what givesred hair its pigmentScientists believe that someneanderthals had red hairRed hair origionated in Northern Europe More than half of the worlds redheadsare located in Europe. 15%
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