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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How did the western worldview grow out of the Renaissance? Here i will show you the sections in this chapter Humanism and other Renaissance ideas that began in Italy gradually spread to western and northern Europe towards the end of the 15th century n Europe, the feudal system declined and larger states under control of the monarchs who wanted wealth that came from trade with the east Socities and Civilizations became more powerful and urban. . City States gained power in Italy and they worked to expand their control of the Mediterranean The economy of most European countries ended up being thrown into turmoil by the wealth flowing in from the . As more gold and sliver came into Europe its buying power became less Areas in Africa Asia and North and South America were called new lands even though people had been living there for years. Greek, Roman, Islamic and other historical empires expanded their territories to protect their original home areas European exploration, discovery and colonizationi led to the redistribution of plants and animals around the world and had beneficial and destructive effects on the populations and ecosystems in all worlds. Towards the end of the Renaissance, small political units joined together to form larger states or countries. As more gold and sliver came into Europe its buying power became less. As a result, inflection occurred across Europe. More money ways needed to purchase everyday goods. The prices rose and resulted in hardship for the common people. The exchange of foodstuffs had perhaps the greatest impact on indigenous societies of the Americas. The diseases had a devastating affect on local populations because they lacked the immunities to the diseases. In some cases whole cultures were destroyed.
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