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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ribosomes Cytoplasm Nucleolus Cytoskeleton Smooth ER Rough ER Golgi Apparatus Functions in theprocess oftransportingproteins. Vesicles store andtransport substancesas well as digestwaste. They helpmaintain homeostasisby taking out waste. The SER is responsible formaking lipids and breakingdown toxins within the cell. Nucleus The RER importsproteins and thenexports them tothe SER. Southeast Territory Centrioles Centrosomes Peroxisomes Peroxisomes breakdown peroxide andconvert it intooxygen and hydrogen. Lysosomes CellMembane Vesicles The nucleolusproduces ribosomeswhich are important formaking proteins. Lysosomes are found in thevacuole. They rid the cell oftoxins and contain digestiveenzymes that help breakdown food and dead cells. Centrosomes are comprised of 2 centrioles, and they arecritical to animal cell division.They also help maintian homeostasisby keeping microtubules organized. A clear gel-like substancefound in a cell. It providessupport for the organellesand helps the cell retainit's shape. The cytoplasm helps maintain homeostasis. A vacuole contains waterand enzymes. It removesunwanted items that mightput the cell in danger. Mitochondria The cell membrane is a semi-permeable membrane thatencircles the cytoplasm ofa cell. As well as maintainhomeostasis by watching whatcomes in and out. Centrioles are 9 microtubulesin a cylindrical formation. Theymake cilia and flagella. The mitochondria createsmost of the cell's ATP. It alsocontrols the cell cycle andcell growth. Protects and storesall of the DNA that isfound inside of thenucleus. By keepingDNA safe, the nucleusplays a major part inmaintaining homeostasis. DNA is the blueprintof the cell. Not only does it tell organelleswhat to do, it helpsmake proteins. Without it,maintaining homeostasiswould be impossible. The cytoskeleton helpsprovide shape for the cell as well as help withcell movement. DNA Ribosomes synthesizeproteins, linktogether amino acidaccording to RNAmolecules. Vacuole Noel Dela Cerna $5,500,000
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