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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -There was a Parliment split between Land owners and Free Traders-Prince Albert believed the solution was free trade for people world wide would help.-People started doing violent revolutions against their rulers. -Economic issue during the Victorian Age was the growth of potatoes that hadgone bad due to the soil, which led to starvation and oddly enough dogs were seen well fed even when there was no food.-It only got worse for Menin war. Day and night no matter the weather conditions, soldiers had no medicalassistance, shelter or food. British soldiers were so desperate they'd trade their boots for food. -Queen Victoria set a tradition after her wedding with Prince Albert with the color white wedding dress from then on being very popular.-By marrying Prince Albert he was not granted the position as "King" because he was a foreign prince.-Expected 100,000 people to show up and march on the bridge. Social Political Economi c Charles Dickins Dickens was a prolific British authorof several novel. Hedominated the first part of Victoria's reign with his literature. Queen Victoria: Historic Reign Prince Albert Queen Victoria All they would grow was potatoes till the went bad Distraeli was a was a British Conservative politician, write and aristocrat who twice served as Prime Minister in the UKduring Victorias reign. Benjamin Disraeli Jacqueline MaderaPeriod:3
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