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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Why Purzue4Hire? Quality & Reach. Quality Our "Smart Résumé" makes the quality and fit of a candidate leap out to employers. This means a HUGE amount of work is done for you in the hiring process, enabling you to pick the best of the best. Some of the ways we do this are as follows: Verifications Candidates can pre-verify their skills and experience, boosting credibility at the head of the hiring process Career Pathways Candidates can indicate theirindustry knowledge gainedthrough academic preparation,helping you assess their readiness Skills Summary Candidates can indicate theirskills in the areas of problem solving, collaboration, and teamwork helping you assess fit Reach When employers represent their brand and open positions in Purzue4Hire, theyreach multiple channels of entry level talent through our Millenial Network. This "1-Stop" approach allows them to reach the following channels at once: Purzue's "RDB" Matched Purzue membersfrom our résumé databaseare pushed to you Partner Job Boards We automatically postyour openings on ourpartner job boards School Network We automatically postyour openings on ourcollege, university &academic partner job boards Affiliate Networks Social Media Networks We automatically postyour openings onmultiple social medianetworks We automatically tap into our networks like Chambers of Commerce, and otherlocal, and regionalsites and organizations We save you time & money. Literally. Post by March 31, 2015 and get your first job posting free. Use Code SUCCESS4ME at checkout. "Smart Résumés that work to get you hired" | Purzue4Hire Tag Phrase. | | +1-800-XXX-XXXX @ 2015 | Purzue and Purzue4Hire are registered trademarks
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