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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Current Trends in Technology Use Social Media Apple has sold over 31.2 million smart phone units Citizen Journalism Over 49 million people in the US use smart phonesThe Philippines is the largest consumer of smart phones in Southeast AsiaFrom April 2012 to March 2013, over 5.754 million smart phones have been sold in the Philippines Internet Consumption In 2012, around 34.3% of the population of the world use the internet, an over 300% increase from 2002, where only 9.1% of the population use the internetThe Philippines is the fastest growing internet audience in Southeast Asia, with a 22% growth from March 2012Majority of internet users in the Philippines are under 35 Samsung has sold over 71 million smart phone units The average facebook user has 130 friends In 2012, an average of 175 million tweets were sent EVERYDAY Smart Phones In 2011, 2 trillion gigabytes worth of digital data (from documents to pictures) has been shared over social mediaWall Street has named Philippines as the social media capitol of the world Crowd Funding Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo has allowed artists and inventors to receive funding for their projects without having to go through traditional 3rd party channelsKickstarter was named as one of TIME magazinesbest inventions of 2010In 2013, $5.1 billion has been raised for independent projectsKickstarter has successfully funded over 54,000 projectsThe most successful crowdfunding project is Star Citizen a space combat video game which raised over $34 million With the easy access of multimedia gadgets, citizens have become involved in the dissemination of newsThe internet has become a platform for regular people to transmit information world wideDuring the investigation of the Boston bomber, police sent out a tweet asking for footage of the incidentLocal news outlets have embraced citizen journalismDuring Hurricane Yolada, major news outlets featured videos sent in by victims to show the intensity of the storm References,28804,2029497_2030652_2029823,00.html
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