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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 at at on in in on a surface: -placed on the table -hanging on the wallon a street: -the house on Spring Streeton an electronic medium: -in television -on the Internet at a specific time: -at 7:20 -at dawn -at dinner on a specific day or date: -on Tuesday -on June 4 at a meeting place or location: -at home -at the clubat the edge of something: -sitting at the deskat the corner of something: turning at the intersectionat a target: -throwing the snowball at Lucy in an enclosed space: -in the garage -in an envelopein a geographic location: -in San Diego -in Texasin a print medium: -in a book -in a magazine on Prepositions can be difficulty to master because the differences among them are subtle and idiomatic especially for "at" "in" and "on" Not every possible use is listed in the chart, so don't be surprised when you encounter exceptions and idiomatic uses that you must learn one at a time. For example, in English a person rides in a car but on a bus, plane, train, or subway. Notice Usage of Prepositions---distinguishing "at" "in" and "on" Two Types of Situations 2 showing time 1 showing space 4 References 4 in a part of a 24-hour period: -in the afternoon -in the daytime -[but at night]in a year or month: -in 2008 -in Julyin a period of time: -finished in three hours Hacker, D. (2004). Rules for writers. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's.
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