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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PUSHING PAUSE PUSHING PAUSE Author: Celeste O. Norfleet Author: Celeste O. Norfleet Image Image Mariah Jenkins Mariah Jenkins Main Characters Main Characters -Kenisha -Mom-Dad-Courtney-Jalisa-Chili-LaVon-Diamond-Jade-Courtney-Lawn Mower Guy-Grandmom Major Themes Major Themes -Divorce-Death-Moving Away-Seperation Exposition Exposition This novel takes place in Virginiaand D.C. Where Kenisha andher mom first were living was inVirginia then was forced to move to D.Cwith her gandmom because of atragic separation between her parents Target Audience Target Audience Target Audience is young adults and olderTrusting one another but at the right timealso being able to understandcertain things even if youare to young to know the situations.sticking together no matter what Published Conflict Conflict This image shows Kenisha andher two friends Jalisa and Chili, who have been by her sidesince day 1 showing howthey stick together through everything and being in the dance studio brought them closer and closer 2007 DaughterVs MomVs. DadVs. Girlfriend Favorite Quote Favorite Quote "They lit the fuse a long timeago, so I guessit was only a matterof time beforethere would be an explosion.Is it my fault that I am whatthey made me?" Favorites Favorites I like how the aunthor kept everything in suspense and kept you wondering and excitedto know what happened next. Summary Summary 15 year old Kenisha Lewis, a girl who had it all, the perfect life everybody wish they had, the clothes, the boyfriend, the money , everything.But what people were focused on her fab life not knowing what was going on in it. she had two parents who where always fight soon to get a divorce, Her father is making kenisha and her mom move D.C with her grandmom because .. well.. he had another family no one knew about. Kenisha mom is very depressed and don't know what to do with her daughter because shes still to young to understand whats really wrong with ther little family and why they separate, Meanwhile Knisha is having problems with her friends and herboyfriend. Ten come to find out something very devastating.
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