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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Puppy Mills Puppy mills are dog breeding facilities that breed dogs purley for profit more than their health and putting the dogs in good homes. Facts and Statistics ________________________ _ Dogs in puppy mills are poorly taken care of with little food or water provided and held in wire cages stacked on top of each other. _ Dogs born in puppy mills are more prone to disease later in life due to malnutrition as puppies. 2.04 2.04 About About million puppies are born and sold from puppy mills each year. _ Most of the puppies will have social disorders because they were never given the right care or love from people or their mothers. _ The breeding females are bred over and over until they are incapable and then sent to labs or killed. _ of puppies sold in pet stores were originally born in puppy mils. 98% 98% _ How to know where your puppy came from ________________________ _ Never buy puppies from pet stores most puppies bought from there were born in puppy mils _ Ask to see where your dog was born and who the mother was. _ Responsible breeders have the dogs interest in mind and may ask about your home or personal life. If the puppy is offered for sale before it is 8 weeks old when puppies are capable to live without thier mothers they are most likely from a mill. _ Most puppies bought off the internet are from mills because it does not allow you to see the mother or breeding facility. _ You may think buying a puppy mill puppy is helping it. It isn't giving the pet store money is like providing for the mill. You might be helping that one puppy but you are also providing the puppy mill more money to continue with their ways
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