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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 unique visitors per weekday 80% 391,637 46,358 of people at Master level: of people at Expert level: 10 154 of people with 500 followersor more 10 11 of people with 100 followersor more (but less than 500) of people with 50 to 99 followerson Pulse 927 2670 of people at Contributor level: 354 Rich FairbankRyan SchneiderRob AlexanderFrank LaPradeJonathan Witter of Pulse users have uploaded at least one photointo their profile 22% have added additional bio, education,or expertise infointo their profile 70% 46% 39% 32% 51% 39% 44% 63% 61% 54% Card Retail Bank Tech FinSvcs Comm Bank ES w/oTech Global Fin Risk Strategy % of users with profile photo by Organization % of users w/ avatar by Organization 51% Card Retail Bank Tech Fin Svcs Comm Bank ES w/oTech Global Fin HR Risk HR CR G Strategy 55% 73% 50% 46% 43% 62% 48% 54% 72% 63% 57% average daily page views by the numbers PULSE ON! Associates have been busy using Pulse! Check out the stats below to see just how far we've come in 2 years! *per weekday, excluding holidays That's TOP 10 news stories in 2014 (based on number of views) of our workforce using Pulse on a regular basis! Annual Benefits Enrollment Is HereFree Flu Shots are HereCard Delivering On Our Mission2014 All-Associate Survey Now AvailableAll-Associate Survey Results: What did you say?COF Brings Payment Innovation to Customers with Apple PayBe a Stronger Leader: Use the Leadership RoadmapWatch for and Keep Your Windows 7 Upgrade AppointmentSalary Adjustments and Incentive Payouts ApprovedCulture, Events & More: April Edition (but less than 1,000) of people at Novice level: 1355 MOST viewed PROFILES Networking and building Pulse knowledge In 2014, Pulse had an average of Profile completion 56% 56% of Pulse users have uploaded their avatar * * of people with 1,000 followersor more # # # # # # # # In the graphs above, "Enterprise Services without Tech" includes Brand, Digital, Corporate Development, Enterprise Supplier Management, and Workplace Solutions & CR G &
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