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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Public Relations Media & Communications Industry Peace Corps ESPN Aetna M2D Alexion ACEEE Location Job Public relations is in the media and communications industry. Media and communications encompass a variety of professions, all of which involve the sharing or generating of information in some way. Professionals in this field must be creative, have exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and thrivein fast-paced environments. They work tobuild relationships that help drive their companies goals forward, write and create content, develop and communicate messages about their companies or clients, and research and report on issues. Public Relations professionals transmit a positive message to the public about a specific product or company through news media. PR professionals may help to create and implement marketing strategies, or help to mitigate negative publicity on a clients or organization's behalf. On a day-to-day basis, a PR professional might develop and pitch ideas to the media, respond to press inquiries, plan and hold publicity events, train executives on media appearances, or write press releases and speeches. Those with more experience might help to manage a PR crisis. Sometimes, PR and advertising/marketing professionals work together to complete promotional projects. PR professionals should have great communication skills, be outgoing and creative, and dedicated to maintaining strong relationships with media and clients. There are many public relations firms where one can work, both large and small. Many of their locations are in cities, but there are also some in more suburban areas as well. Location depends on where the job demands are at the time one needs a job and where one is willing to live for work on a daily basis. I would love to stay near the DC area for future job opportunities.
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