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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PROLIFE PRO RIGHT-TO-DIE VS Death with Dignity: Saying Goodbye On My Own Terms 1. Catholic beliefs: life is a gift from God; no one but God can take it away.2. Buddhist beliefs: euthanasia does not take away the amount of suffering set for a person.3. Euthanasia is an attempt to remove painthrough the means of death. In most cases,the source of pain is not life threatening.4. Doctors may commit murder under the alibi of assisting death.5. Euthanasia inhibits the research forcritical diseases.6. Euthanasia creates system in which we are obligated to kill ourselves so asnot to be a burden. 1. Choosing to die deliberately reduces the patient's suffering.2. Not all patients have the mentalstrength and financial resources togo through all stages of the disease.3. Patients can die without fearingthey will lose their mental or physicalcapacities.4. Just because the heart is beating while the person is in coma doesnot mean he is alive.5. If planned for in advance, the organscan be harvested and donated.6. Patients can arrange for final goodbyes with their families. Suggestions to improve assisted suicide procedure Write a living willthat addresseswhat to do whenthe patient is unableto respond Be medically certifiedand pass psychologicalscreening before beingallowed to do assistedsuicide Provide counseling forfamilies to go throughthe mourning processtogether Although the circumstances are different for every person who chose to die with dignity, they each chose to end their life with thoughtfulness. Almost universally, they're glad their loved ones don't have to experience the drawn out final weeks of pain and delirium and instead could have a peaceful death.
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