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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Denim To DYE For Denim To DYE For LOGO HERE Real, Crafted, and Optimistic - Hudson Cotton Elastic Loycell 70% 28% 2% Fiber Content Use of Lyocell:-Hydrophillic (absorbs perspiration form the body)-Stimulates hand of silk and suede (very soft)-Resistant to shrinkageUse of Cotton:-Electrical conductor (no static)-No pilling- Heat conductor (keeps body cool)Use of Elastic:-Elasticity (stretch)-Comfort Hand:- Very soft-Resembles suede -Unique to other denim Made in the USA! US-$23.32-Work day: 8.6 hours double click to change this header text! China-$1.36-Work day: 12 hours1 Denim Mills Journey Through Denim History Yarn Construction -Core spun yarns Woven -Twill weave Dye -Garment dyed (the lighter pink)-Resist printed -Applied resist medium at knees -Dipped into the darker pink ITEM NO. 005 Demin fabric originatedin the French town of Nimes Levi Strauss popularized denim and discoveredtwill cotton. 2 Jean were originally made with hemp, which was uncomfortable In the 1970's jeans were established as a fashion trend. Now they are a huge staple in everyone'swardrobe. Denim trends cycle in and out fast. 1. Garment Analysis By Olivia Manley Cost: $229 No known finishes The Hudson Story "We want to encourage people to investigate their truest selves, and engage with the world around them in meaningful ways." - Peter Kim- Hudson Jeans Founder and CEO (Screenshot from
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