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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The plumbing would be filled with cold water from lake, and move it around the refrigerator to keep it always cold. 28 GJ This affects the energy plan because that's were we get our electric energy. 96 GJ JOULE ISLAND Colin ClarkMalhiki OteroJulius Storino 6th period The renewable energy resources on the island are, wind, ocean/tidal, solar, and geothermal. The resources that should be conserved on the island are, coal, forest, and the hot springs. Question 5 Fire, biomass heater. Question 6 We will supply water from the lake to pass it through the biomass heater which would warm the water up and then pass it to the bathtub. Question 7 Question 8 You could make a water net to recollect water from the air. Disadvantages 1.) The dam would affect the tide.2.) Would have to clear away land to put houses.3.) Would have to cut down the forest. Advantages 1.) The scientists made sure they weren't using up too many resources..2.) The island is ideal for animals.3.) The island has water resources. Question 9 Question 3 Question 2 Question 1 Question 4 Question 10 kinetic (hydroelectric dam) thermal electricity (water going to the bathtub) (biomass heater) electricity (hydroelectric dam) radiant/light thermal (coil heating up) (coil giving light) the water would turn the turbines and electricity is formed.You would transport the new electricity from the dam, and which would go into the stove coils and and it would heat up and the and you would cookon the coils. potential (water sitting in the lake) mechanical (pipes sucking water to homes) thermal water keeping the refrigerator cool)
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