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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 executive judicial legislative government the many the three of branches Oversees the court system of the U.S.Through court cases, the judicialbranch explains the meaning of theconstitution and laws passed bycongressSupreme court is the headSupreme court rules whethersomething is constitutional orunconstitutional Eight associate justices and one chiefjusticeJudges are nominated by the presidentand Approved by the senateUnlike all other branches they have noterm limitsThe supreme court is the highest court inthe landIts decisions are final and no othercourt can overrule them Senate2 from each state6-year termsVice president of the U.S. is the head of the senate, butdoes not vote in the senate unless there is a tieApproves nominations made by the president to thecabinet, the supreme court, federal courts and otherpostsMust ratify all treaties by a two-thirds vote House of representatives435 representatives in the house ofrepresentativesNumber of representatives each state gets isbased on its population2-year termsSpeaker of the house is considered the head ofthe house PresidentPresident is the head of the executive branch, whichmakes laws officialElected by the entire countryMaximum of 2 4-year termsPresident approves and carries out laws passed bythe legislative branchAppoints or removes cabinet members and officialsNegotiates treaties, and acts as head of state andcommander in chief of the armed forces CabinetThe cabinet is made up of the heads ofthe 15 major departments of thegovernmentGives advice to the president aboutimportant matters
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