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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 January 17, 1920 18th Amendment takes place banning Speakeasies created as a way to drink secretly, liquor known as moonshine. 18th Amendment and released the prohibition of alcohol. lead to a huge economic downfall leading to loss of many jobs also bootlegging or the illegal transportation of alcohol arouse and create a need for home made This lead to a dramatic increase in crime rate because many usual law following citizens to break this law which overflowed police efforts and judicial acts. Prohibition transport, production, and sale of alcohol. these were much like underground clubs where people would go to drink gamble. creation of large organized crime. This lead to many killings and criminal Formation of bootlegging based gangs like Five Points gang, criminal acts outside of just prohibition. and Broadway Mob and also gangsters like al Capone, and Frank Costello. This direct result of prohibition was a major issue due to this Also contributed to Great Depression. A market crash and decreased value of life. This resulted in a 50% plunge in international trade rate, and a 25% unemployment rate in the United States. On December 1, 1933 the 21st Amendment repealed the This release on prohibition lead to reduced crime rate and made many considered normal citizens that broke the law during prohibition back to law abiding people which also helped lead to police efforts on more important matters.
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