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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AUSTRALIA is in the process of working programming concepts into its national curriculum beginning in kindergarten with code writing beginning in year 3 FRANCE began offeringprogramming courses to primary school students in the fall of 2014 In the UK, students begin learning coding basics atage 5 and programming languages at age 11 In CHINA, students must take computer science courses in order to graduate from high school FINLAND will make programming part of its basic primary school curriculum starting in fall 2016 ESTONIA has been teaching its first-graders basic coding since 2012 Though the US has not made computer programming part of the core curriculum, and similar organizations have brought coding to many of the nation's school districts, including the 7 largest* As programming becomes an increasingly indispensable skill, governments around the world are taking steps to incorporate coding into grade school curriculum. *computer science is currently part of the K-12 curriculum in all of these US school districts and many more:New York City Department of Education (NY)Los Angeles Unified School District (CA)Chicago Public Schools (IL)Miami-Dade County Public Schools (FL)Clark County School District (NV)Broward County Public Schools (FL)Houston Independent School District (TX)Montgomery County Public Schools (MD)Denver Public Schools (CO)San Francisco Unified School District (CA) Sources: tml
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