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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Q: How do humans affect the speed of evolution? use of pesticides in large scale use affects pests & wildlife that feeds off of the pests or on the runoff, crops, etc.These chemicalscan cause harm in bothcommunities and canalso create new impervious traits. The over use / prescription of antibiotics in America has increased the amount of resistant strands of diseases andbacterium, making medical workersuse stronger and larger doses of sometimes dangerous medicine to help keep people safe from a once close to harmless virus. For example,immunizations have to be changed every year due to RNA genomes adapting to the previous year's shot. (1 in 3 AmericanDoctors admit to over prescribingantibiotics, which is a majorcause in antibiotic resistantviruses, hence whywe use 700 million lbs annually.) Wildlife $$$ both use mutations to create new results in a group, and both can harm or damage the groups or the environment both uselarge amountsof tax payer money in newdoses and directionsof chemicals fortreating orpreventingbugs and "bugs". increased usage of insecticides hasincreased the resistance in pests,meaning that farmers need to use largerand more potent doses of dangerouschemicals in their fields to prevent themfrom losing important crops. It costs anestimated $12 billion for farmers to buypesticides to fight against crop losses. (Despitethe cost of pesticides, there is still a $2-7billion dollar loss of crops per year in the USA.) Antibiotics Pesticides Salmon have developed thinner bodiesand slower growth rates to slip past gill nets. Hatchery salmon favor dwarf salmon due to early return from the sea. These are only two examples of man created issues disrupting natural selection in favor of artificial selection. The genetic exchangevisible in plants and animals has been heightened bymass drug production and human selected pressuresin nature. By radically increasing macro-mutation,we have changed different species traits. A: Large scale human manufacturing and consuming Half of the approximate2 million hospital acquired infections are penicillin resistant strains that (with methicillin treatment)cost $2-7 billion. $$$ It costsfarmers +~$12billion per yearto spray their crops double click to change this header text! $$$
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