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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 President Barack Obama Domestic Policies Foreign Policies 1. Obamacare: made to give morestability to people with health insurance or to give people healthinsurance. Wasn't popular at firstbut slowly gained popularity.2. Troubled Asset Relief Program:(TARP); lend businesses (General Motors & Chrysler) money to keep them in business.Successful; spent $700 billion3. American Recovery & Reinvestment Act: 1/3 granted to state governments, 1/3 to infrastructure projects, rest went to middle classtax cuts. Successful Barack Obama Born on 4 August, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Moved to Chicago, Illinois. Played high school basketball.Team won State Championship. Graduated high school withscholarships. Went to Columbia University. Studied law at Harvard. Taught at University of Chicago. Married Michelle Robinson. Had 2 kids: Malia & Sasha Elected IllinoisSenator in 2004. 1. Signed the nuclear arms andreduction treaty with PresidentDmitri Mededev of Russia; April, 2010. Successful2. Taking troops out of Afghanistan gradually. Was not working in the first couple of years. Lots of conflict.3. 7 August, 2014, orders authorization of targeted airstrikeson ISIS; doesn't being until (22, Sept.)Some thought it was too conservativefor what the group has done to Americanjournalists. IMPORTANT EVENT The Boston Marathon Bombing Immediately after being briefed on the Boston MarathonBombing, Obama contacted the FBI andHomeland Security to get units there right away to protect the people in the area ifthere are any other threats. He told Americans that we will find the answersas soon as possible. I think he is a good presidentbecause he does what's best forthe nation and does it very professionally. Elected 1st blackPresident of the United States in 2008.
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