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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Inca Empire Aztec Pre-Columbian Civiliizations Hyunkyu Choi Location: Middle America in the area of Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, and Belize.Southern Part of Mexico. Early Maya: l1800 B.C.- A.D. 250Classic period of Maya civilisation: A.D. 250-900.Reached its height in A.D. 250.By A.D. 900, all the cities were abandoned. First migrated in A.D. 1200A.D. 1325- found their city Tenochtitlan Maya Location: Valley of Mexico which lies in the high plateau of central Mexico. A.D. 1200 the city of Cuzco is found.1400s: Machu Picchu is built and begins to expand territory.A.D. 1572, all the inca emperors are killed. 700 B.C. had a writing system of hieroglyphics.Created 365 day calendar tracked cycles of the stars.There were schools.Clothing was made out of cotton. Location: Around Ecuador, Chile, and Peru. Thrived around the Andes. Cenote-Large natural sink holes thatprovided plenty of water. Mayas sacrificed objects and humans for the Mayan rain god. Made aqueducts to channel water from mountains to drylowlands. Built terraces on the mountain side to farm there.Had 19000 miles worth of roads. Made Chinampas- artificial islands make of mud piled atop reed mats that were anchored to the shallow lake- bed with willow trees Had a written language called Nahuatl.This was a form ofhieroglyphics. One ruler chosen by priests and warriors. RulerNobles- officials, judgespriests- performed ritualstraders- ferried goods across empirecommoners- farmedslaves- prisoners of war-had rights to won land and buy freedom Believed in a white god Quetzalcoatl, who had sailed away and had promised to return again.250,000 sacrifices per year Each city state had a male ruler.- Ruled by kings & priests.-No standing armies. Polytheistic- ex. Sun god Kinich AhauHuman sacrifices were performed.Pyramids were built for religious purpose. Artisans created many works, such as textile, gold working, wood craving, and cerelmic works. Incas recorded numbers and other information using the knotted strings of a quipu. They had no form of true writing. An empire ruled by one person/ruler. This ruler could control anyone in the empire. PolytheisticBelieved in sun god IntiInca means children of the sun. EmperorAllyu (village leader)Sappa Inca were at the topFarmers- most common Social ClassesPriests- performed ritualsAstronomersMajority were farmersscribesrulers
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