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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Peopleof the Civilisations Aztecs Incas Mayas Pre-Columbian Civilizations Chicen Itza Complex Mayan Calender Major Acheivements (HEI) Time Period: 1800 B.C ~ 900 AD (Peak Period in 250 AD) Location: Yucatan, Peninsula, Belize (Mexico) Literature, Arts, Academics: Used hieroglyphics to write.Wore cotton clothing from lama wool. Elaborate hieroglyphicdeisgns, played Pok-A-Tok game Social Organisations: Kings of city states were most high ranked.Priests and nobles had high rank. Middle class were merchantsMost Mayans were farmers Government: One ruler for each indavisual city state. Agriculture: Underground Rivers.Grew corn, or maize Reason for Decline: Natural Disasters (Drought?) Major Achievements (HEI) Aztec Sun Pyramid Chinampas for farming Religion: Polytheistic, Human sacrifices Location: Valley of Mexico, Central Mexico, High Plateau Time Period: A.D 1200 - Nomanic groups migrate. A.D 1325 - Aztecs settle in the Valley of Mexico Government: Single ruler all over Aztecs Social Organisation: Ruler would be elected by priests. Social ranks and jobs included; War chiefs, Priests, Officials, Farmers and Slaves Literature, Arts, Academic: Hieroglyphics, Ceremonial war art and designs. Religious art and ceramics Religion: Polytheistic, main gods included: Quetzalcoatl and the patron god, Huitzilaopochtli. Many human sacrifices Agriculture: Constructors "Chinampas" to harvest maize, squash and beans Reason for Decline: Spanish invaders arrive and Hernan Cortes responsible for tricking and overthrowing Aztecs. Aztecs fall in 1521 A.D MAYANSAZTECSINCANS Mayan Farmers Aztec Warrior Incan Messangers Time Period: 1400 to 1532 C.E, (Peak Period during 1400 A.D) Location: Stretched from the Andes all the way to the top of Ecuador, through Peru (Capitol of empire located in Cuzco, Peru) Literature, Arts, Academic: No written language, Used a lot of gold in arts, gold thought as tear form the sun Government: Single Emperor ruling over everyone Social Organisation: Emperor would rule over everyone. Many farmers helped the economics of the empire.Roads made for royalty and messangers were not alowed to be travelled on by low class social groups such as farmers or peasants Religion: Mainly believed in a god of the Sun. Belived thatall Incas originated from the sun, Human sacrifices Agriculture: Farmers stock up on maize and wheat for the empire Reason for Decline: Spanish conquistador arrive and overthrow the Incasby surprise attack. Incas underestimate the invaders and Pizzaro so Emperor is captured. Inca empire falls when Emperor Atahuallpa in 1532 C.E Major Achievments (HEI) BuiltMachu Picchuout of stone Elaborate roads that spanned more than 20,000 miles long Constructed complex aquaducts 900 A.D 1200 A.D 1521 A.D 1532 C.E 1400 C.E 1800 B.C
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