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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Events Leading to the Civil War 1850 1852 1854 1854 Compromise of 1850 The Compromise of 1850is a compromisebecause both the Northand South were pleased with it. Uncle Tom'sCabin-conflict Uncle Tom'sCabin is aconflictbecause although theNorth saw it as an eyeopenerto the crueltyof slavery. Tothe Southnersthe bookcriticized theirway of life. Kansas NebraskaAct- compromise The KansasNebraskaAct is a compromisebecause itused popular sovereigntyto see whetherthe two territorieswill be free statesor slave states. There was anequal opportunity for it to go bothways. Bleeding Kansas- conflict BleedingKansasis a conflictbecause peoplefrom the Northand South werephysically fighting with each other. 1857 Dred ScottDecision-conflict The Dred Scottdecision causedconflict becausepeople in the North were nothappy with theoutcome but theSouth was. 1859 John Brown'sRaid-conflict John Brownwas a heroin the eyesof the North.His raid causeda problem withthe South because they consideredhim a terrorist. They were outragedby his actions. 1860 Electionof 1860-conflict The electionof 1860 wasa problem forthe South becausethey didn'twant Lincolnto outlaw slavery. 1860 South CarolinaSecedes-conflict South Carolinaleaving the Unionbecause of Lincoln causedother Southern states to leaveas well startingthe ConfederateStates ofAmerica.
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