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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Precipitation 1 Regional Causes Mobilization Timeline 2000-200 3 2004-200 6 Blogs and Political Mobilization Facebbok and Social Mobilization 2006-200 8 2009-201 0 Twitter on the Eve of the Revolution -Kefaya (Enough) Movement and mass-marches against Mubarak-Kefaya Youth (Youth for Change)-Bloggers on the ground-Bloggers break tapoos & construct change-Blogs for covering protests news & promoting movement-Blogs as Social Networks before Social Networks-Estimates of 1500 political bloggers (Marc Lynch) with 300 active on the ground (Personal est.)-Interaction between virtual and situated spheres of bloggers in the sit-ins and protest gatherings -Second Palestinian Intifada-9/11 in US & Bush Pressure for Democracy in Middle East-War on Iraq-Mobilization on Regional Causes-Tahrir Square full of protesters on 21 March 2003 but with no independent media to cover-Smart government & publicizing internet-Use of Emails, Email groups, &online forums for mobilization and discussion-The early emergence of blogosphere -Years of labour protests for social & economic demands-Political Youth Movementsuse the Internet for supporting the social and economic demandssupport-Politicizing the Social-Youth use Facebook for promoting labour strkie into nation-wide public strike (April 6)-70,000 members on6 April Facebook Group-1000 active on the ground-Network organization that imitates the communication medium of the movement -Mohamed Baradei Campaign for Change-Clear leadership and clear goal-250,000 online, 3000 on the ground-Importing Twttier from the Green Movement in Iran-Aggravation Phase-"We are All Khaled Saied", power of online media and construction of collective identity-2010 Parliamentary Elections, the final nail-Introduction of Crowdsource Geotagging and Online News Network-In general this phase witnessed the highst performance in using online tools for mobilization
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