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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cost of Power Benefits of Power If you have power of trade, youcan be blamed for the diseasescaused from over sea's trading:The Black Death Constantinople was in a good strategicplace benefiting them with trade, money, and power. The Crusades caused manydeaths of other religions andethics. It was a genocide to otherreligions. The pope was able to use his power to create an army to support him and "God"against outside forces. The feudalism and manorismbrought money into thecountry and to the King orgovenrment. The people couldn't speakagainst authority because theywould have the fear of gettingkilled. Very hard and dangerous tomaintain power because manypeople were greedy and wantedthe power and money for themselves. You were able to make the lawsand rules. You also got tons ofmoney and lived a very luxuriouslife. Also a big hand in politicaldecisions. Power V. Morality Cost of Morality Benefits of Morality 2. 3. 1. 4. The church had a huge influenceon people causing people to believe false information: Crusadesfighting for God. During the Renaissance peoplebecame more focused in materialitems like money and luxuriousitems. They focused less on churchleaving behind morals and codes:The Code of Chivalry Heresy is punishable by death andanything that the church didn'tagree with meant there was a chance you could get kicked out. The churches gave people moralsand values. They also helped unifycommunitys. Having individualism helped leadpeople to become strongerindividulas having their ownthoughts and idea's. Heresy helped set boundaries andrules for people. This made surethat they shouldn't forget theirmorals and values no matter howpowerful they are. 1. 2. 3. Kiyomi Okamoto12/5/14R2
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