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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Denotation: the ability to do something or act in a paticular way as a faculty or quality Etymology What do you think when you hear POWER Antynoms Influenceelectricitystrength/agilitycontrolmagiclegal powerarmiespower over a country POWER Anglo-Norman french Poeir Middle English Power LatinPosse ca. 1300 CE lackweaknessfailuresurrenderinabilityincapacityyieldingsubservience AbilityCapacityPotentialcontrolauthorityinfluencemasterydominationweight Synynoms Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.-Abraham Lincoln By the POWER invested in me I give you: Definition Power is an ability or rather a capability. Something a person has control of whether physically or mentally. Having this sort ofcapacity is not always a good thing. If a person isgiven too much power like money or domination overa country especially by military force, power can be taken advantage of. Power can manipulate its opposite like the weak and according to AbrahamLincoln test a man's character. But power can also be a good thing if itdescribes strength and agility and the mastery of something. Power camalso mean influences so it can change situations for better or worse. Like the power of a speech for civil rights or the power of propaganda in Nazi Germany. But in its simplest manner, power could refer to phrases like "thepower invested in me" to explain that a person has the ability to perform a task.Overall power can be good. But too much power can cause great harm. "Def initi ono fPo wer inE ngli sh:. "Po wer :Def initi on of Po wer inO xfor dDi ctio nar y(A mer ica n Eng lish )(U S).O xfor dDi ctio nar y,2 014 .We b. 06 Feb. 201 4<h ttp: // ww w.o xfor ddic tion arie s .co m/ us/ defi niti on/ am eric an_ eng lish /po wer >. "D efi nit ion of Po we rin En gli sh: ."P ow er: De fini tio no fP ow eri nO xfo rd Dic tio na ry( A me ric an En gli sh )(U S). Ox for dDi cti on ar y,2 01 4. We b. 06 Fe b. 20 14 .< htt p: // w w w. oxf or ddi cti on ari es. co m /u s/ def ini tio n/ a me ric an _e ngl ish /p ow er >. Works Citied
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