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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dream jobA talk-show host. It is the coolest job in the whole world for me as I can meet and talk with different and interesting people everyday. Through those conversations, the ideas of mine and others not only can be shared with each others, but also with thousands audiences. In addition, it is valuable and significant to offer information to thousands audiences to change and enrich their minds even their lives. YOU HAVE TO KNOW LUCY LU YOU HAVE TO KNOW LUCY LU The person I admire Jin Akanishi.He is Asian super idol in the last decade and the most potential singer-songwriter in the next decade.He has the great creativity to successfully combine J-POP music with LA dancing music. Favorite object I treasurePost card I collected from different places. They are the prints show I have come te this word.They remind me of those rosy days in my different agesin different journey as well Top 10 things make me smile1.A sunny day2.Soup cooked by my mom3.Puppies4.The gurgle from babies5.Japanese TV series6.The Beatles's songs7.travelling8.Jin's concerts9.Shopping all day10.Fridaynigt without homework Place Id like to visitTokyo. I am a fan of Japanese culture and I even set up a Japanese Culture Club to obtain more information about Japanese culture. As the capital of Japan, Tokay is an ideal place where I can know more aspects of Japanese culture. I am proud ofGoodness.I keep my goodness as the priceless treasure in my life. In the last summer, I visited to Nepal to do a volunteer work to teach young Buddhists English and rebuild their library in a monastery which is located in Katmandu. Goodness makes my life is full of smiles, luck and friendly people.
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