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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 There has an increasing trend in temperature over the past decades CLIMATE CHANGE is a shift in global & regional weather patterns over a long periods of time Climate data predictsAfrica to be the mostaffected by climate change ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTANTS & SOURCES Atmospheric pollution is particulate matterreleased into the atmosphere that has the potential to harm the environment,humans and living organisms. Mining activities in South Africa result in the production of SO2 & NO2 that contribute to acid rain in the north parts of the country Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are some of the biggestpollutants from industrial and anthropogenic activities There is a vast majority of SO2 & CO2production from coal fired powerplants due to South Africa's dependence on coal for electricpower, NOx is also produced fromcoal power plants resulting in theproduction of NO2. Furthermore NO2 &CO2 production comes from heavy traffic. These atmospheric pollutants are significantly contributing to climate change Due to this predictionbiodiversity is under severe threat along with predicted heat waves,drought & heavy precipitation is predicted for Africa. EALTH EFFECTS OF ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTANTS Shortness of breathe,coughing and wheezing Harm to the nervous system affects learning, memory andbehaviour Harm to reproductivesystem & cancer Increased risk of heart attacks andrespiratory diseases. Chest pain,asthma and pulmonary inflammation Severe asthma in children Burning eyes & throat andirritation to mucus membranes ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH GROUP * Atmospheric pollution measurements*Different remote sensing techniques*Aerosols &clouds*Stratospheric warming & planetery waves*Atmospheric gravity waves,planetary waves & equatorial waves*Middle atmospheric structure & wave dynamics*Characterics of the tropopause & its relation to the ozone concentration *CSIR*SANSA*SAWS*University of KWAZULU-NATAL*University OF PRETORIA*University OF NORTH-WEST *CDTA*LATMOS*Laboratoire d'Aerologie*LISA*University of reunion*Le Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTANTS & CLIMATE CHANGE The atmospheric research group aim is using ground-based & satellitedata to investigate pollutants and atmospheric processesthat occur alongside pollutants National Collaborators International Collaborators
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